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Lifestyle Survey Toolkit

Welcome to the second version of the Lifestyle Survey Toolkit

This site aims to assist users to conduct health and lifestyle surveys. It has been developed by Information by Design. This is the second version of the site which has updated information and some new sections. It now contains:

  • A new section on sampling methods, data collection methods and sample sizes in conducting a Lifestyle Survey
  • Examples of the sample sizes and sampling methods used by others in conducting lifestyle surveys.
  • A critical review of different methods used to conduct lifestyle surveys Additional sample questions used in lifestyle surveys, including questions on developing areas (such as well-being)
  • Some theory, mostly for those who have little previous experience of survey research
  • An updated resource bank, containing many examples of Lifestyle Surveys conducted across the UK, which includes new surveys conducted in the last few years
To navigate through the site, please use the tabs at the top of the page.

Let us know what you think

This Toolkit is an evolving resource. We are keen to receive your feedback on the Toolkit on aspects you found useful or things that you think we could add to the Toolkit.

Please contact us through the feedback sheet if you would like to send us any comments or information.