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Lifestyle Survey Toolkit

What does the toolkit offer?

The toolkit offers online help with conducting health and lifestyle surveys. This includes guidance for people who intend to commission a survey externally, or carry out a survey internally. The toolkit provides help with:

  • planning and administering a survey
  • choosing the questions and topics to ask about
  • where to go for more information and reference materials.

You can also look at health and lifestyle surveys to find out what has been done elsewhere. In some cases we have reports available for you to download. To view these please click here.

Why was it created & who for?

The toolkit was created to offer a practical source of advice for those involved in lifestyle surveys, including staff in Care Trusts, Local Authorities, Voluntary Organisations, and Local Strategic Partnerships (LSP's). These agencies will need to monitor their population's health when working to improve health and address inequalities. This toolkit will not only provide a useful guide as to the process of carrying out a lifestyle survey, but it also addresses many other issues and has gathered many resources from previous lifestyle research.

At this stage, the toolkit does not provide a commonly agreed set of questions to include in a lifestyle survey, although this is underway as part of the work being undertaken by APHO. The pages on What to Include in a Lifestyle Survey provides guidance on the types of questions used in a range of surveys which can usefully be included in a local lifestyle survey.