Information by Design
Lifestyle Survey Toolkit

The diagram below illustrates the timescale needed to conduct a postal lifestyle survey. You should use these timings as a guide - it is beneficial to produce a time plan before you start the project which you would need to agree with the agency who assists you with the research.
Text Box: Finalise Research Objectives
Clear well defined research objectives improves research clarity 
Text Box: Design Sample
Identify who is to be sampled, and what sampling method to use
Text Box: Fieldwork Period
Mailing phase, administer questionnaires to sample selected from mailing file
Text Box: 1st Reminder
(4 weeks after initial Mail out)
Text Box: Clean and Prepare data for analysis 
Text Box: Reporting Phase
Report on findings of survey
Text Box: Data capture on going as questionnaires arrive
Text Box: 2nd Reminder
2/3 weeks after first reminder) 
Text Box: Mailing 1  First questionnaires
Text Box: Draw Sample
Create a mailing file of all target groups to be mailed with postal questionnaire 


Text Box: Finalise Questionnaire Design
Questionnaire should reflect research objectives, testing hypothesis






    Weeks 1 - 5



    Week 7
    Week 8
    Week 9
    Week 10
    Week 11
    Week 12
    Week 13
    Week 14

    Week 15
    Week 16
    Week 17

    Week 18

Agreeing a timescale at the beginning is an important stage of the planning process. Timescales need to be realistic and also allow for 'slippage' on certain elements such as questionnaire design, printing of questionnaires and sending out reminders. When to send a reminder is a key part of the fieldwork process - it is important to monitor the returns and the speed and quality of returns will essentially determine when reminders need to be or can be sent.