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Using Questions from Other Surveys

Using questions from other surveys has a number of benefits:

  • Questions from other surveys may have been tested for reliability and validity
  • They can provide a benchmark to compare your survey results against
  • They can save you time and effort in designing a suitable, correctly worded questionnaire

However, care should be taken when using questions from other surveys, for the following reasons:

  • You should use a source of questions from an organisation which has good experience in survey methodology
  • Questions may have been designed for use in a survey which uses a different methodology than you are using.  For example, the Health Survey of England uses a face-to-face interview for data collection.  Some of the questions are therefore complex and may not be suitable for a postal survey.
  • Making minor amendments to questions developed for other surveys may affect their reliability and validity.
  • When compiling questions you need to ensure the question order us a logical sequence and the questionnaire is piloted.