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Blyth Valley Lifestyle Survey 2004

The 2004/05 survey is the second lifestyle survey conducted in Blyth Valley, following that undertaken in 2002. The results from the survey allow comparisons to be made with the earlier 2002 results and changes in lifestyle factors to be measured over the 2 year period. The objectives of this 2004 survey were to:

  • Provide an up-to-date measure of the key lifestyle indicators for the Blyth Valley population
  • Allow comparisons between the new results and those obtained in the 2002 baseline survey
  • Provide data at ward level across the borough on the 18+ population
  • Provide a ‘boost’ of data for the Neighbourhood Management Initiative ICCQ area
  • Give results for a sample of black and minority ethnic (BME) residents of the borough.

As in 2002, the 2004 survey was conducted using face-to-face interviews with residents from the Blyth Valley area. This approach was chosen to provide comparable results to 2002, and to alleviate literacy problems faced by potential respondents. The survey was conducted by a team of staff recruited from the local area who were trained in survey fieldwork techniques.

In total, interviews were completed with 3,300 residents aged 18+ of the borough. These comprised:

  • 150 interviews in each of the 20 electoral wards of Blyth Valley
  • A boost to approximated 400 interviews in the ICCQ area
  • A boost to give 100 interviews with BME residents.

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